Monday, November 28, 2016

Ditching the factory airbox

Around the same time I was rewiring the bike, I remembered talking to Mark Riley of SatoriMoto via email. He mentioned once he cleaned up the wiring, he also removed the stock airbox and replaced it with "pod filters"

The factory airbox is essentially just that; its a big black box that holds the air filter and attaches to the "velocity stacks", which attach to the throttle bodies of the engine. The airbox itself is basically a bigass ugly black plastic box that holds the air filter. The challenge here was to remove the airbox and replace it with a set of pod filters (below)

This exotic thing was the factory airbox
After removing the airbox, I had a gaping hole in the cavity once occupied by the filter assembly. This made it all the more necessary to clean up the wiring. The opportunity here was a clean engine body, increased airflow, and higher performance.The next few images below show the area where the factory airbox used to be, it also exposes the throttle bodies.

I've read more blogs and forums than I can think of, and one of the most useful resources is Chris Kelly owner of California Cycleworks. I bought some pod filters from California Cycleworks online and put them in but wanted something bigger almost immediately.

These pods fit directly onto the throttle bodies, but they also
eliminate the factory velocity stacks. That's ok, but I've read
the intake air volume becomes more turbulent without the stacks.
Chris told me I was wasting my time and money without upgrading the velocity stacks. The stacks kind of look like trumpets sitting on top of the throttle bodies. Those are like the carburators on a fuel injected bike. The stacks are shaped in a way that draws air into the throttle bodies in an optimal way. I broke down and spent another few hundred dollars on a TPO Parts "Beast" kit, which included custom machined stacks and K&N Pods. After yanking the stock airbox and velocity stacks, I inserted these in and watched the rebuild start to take shape.

The image below is a stock image I ripped off from TPO Parts because I was too dumb to get photos of the build with the new stacks.

Now we are starting to get somewhere. TPO Parts Beast Kit below. Includes new velocity stacks and pod filters.
This is what replaced the factory airbox

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