Monday, November 28, 2016

Girls like fancy jewlery

Bling. I never met a woman that didn't appreciate fine jewelry, the same goes with the bike. She's a beautiful Italian woman that treats me well. So, I buy her nice things to wear. Such as:
Oberon anodized fuel cap. This one looked good initially, but like
all anodized parts, it started bleaching out quickly in the sun.
The color started turning pink, so I ditched it for a black one
Anodized front sprocket cove. Same with this sprocket cover; didn't like
the bleaching of the color (started turning pink), so I spray painted it black
Anodized brake and clutch fluid reservoirs. The reservoirs looked nice here, but
they more or less looked like film canisters so I replaced them with another
universal set with black lids
New headlight bucket, lens and bulb. I had an HID xenon one
but the ballast and wires it required got in the way so tossed it.


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