Monday, November 28, 2016

New coils

When I removed the factory airbox, I realized that one of the OEM ignition coils was mounted to it. Removing the airbox meant having to find a new way to mount the coil. I decided to junk the OEM coils and pick up a set of high-voltage, low resistance coils from CA Cycleworks again. These come with new NKG plugs, wires and cool looking race quality red coils.

One of them is mounted in the engine cavity near the pods, the other is mounted in the rear, under the seat to the left. Don't ask me why, they do things different in Italy I suppose.
One other item not shown is the voltage regulator. Ducati mounted it directly under the seat, between the bottom seat assembly. What a bad idea; the regulator gets hot because its dealing with electricity, so I picked up a bracket online to reroute it under the seat entirely. Result - Better airflow across the heatsink.
Same photos as the pod filter installations, showing the coils here,
this one in the former air box cavity in front of the battery

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