Monday, November 28, 2016

2014 Off To A Decent Start

Back in December, on the 15th to be exact, I took my Monster out for a test ride on Interstate 405 in Bellevue. Well, the fucking rear brake nearly locked up and wouldn't release on the highway. I ended up riding it with the rear brake clamped down for maybe a mile until I could get off the highway. Had it towed to Ducati Seattle for scheduled maintenance, and just today picked it up.

Had to replace the rear rotor, the factory one was trashed. I picked up a cast iron racing rotor from Randy Nedescu over at Bellissimoto. Cast iron sounds strange; you would think its heavier and would rust, but its lighter and wont rust. They use these rotors on the Moto GP circuit. Also got the valves serviced, belts tightened, instrument cluster fixed, had the ECU (fuel-air system) dyno'd and also had a new Brembo racing clutch and master cylinder installed. I'm happy as a clam now; although I just drained my bank account getting this service done.

Had to take a glamour shot of it sitting in the showroom at Ducati Seattle (Thanks Sky!)
The factory rear rotor after I trashed it. Its hard to see but there are grooves
all over this thing; completely unserviceable now
Here's the new rear brake rotor; it looks pretty cool too cause its black instead of stainless steel
New Brembo radial clutch and master cylinder. This thing is cool, I can dial it up or down from 16mm to 18mm

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