Monday, November 28, 2016

Additional Changes

Along the way, I've been inspired by other blogs and other bikes. I thought it didn't make much sense to go halfway, so I added some more upgrades. I thought if I replaced the clutch cover and had it powder coated black, I should do the left-engine/stator cover the same, powder coated black.

I had always liked the look of the Streetfighter appearance, so I decided to take the upgraded euro" headlight off and replace it with dual lights.

I also didn't really like the look of those new clutch and brake reservoirs after a while, and I noticed they were also starting to bleach out and turn a pinkish color, so I decided to replace them with some less "glam" reservoirs. You can see the red anodized ones are gone in these photos.

I had seen so many rad looking bikes along the way, I realized the only way to make this legit was to put clip-ons up front. Here is the problem though; putting clip-on bars up front usually lowers your posture and can drastically change the geometry and handling of the bike. That's what happened here. Initially I ordered a set of PSR (PowerStands Racing) clip-ons, and they looked so good. But my forward lean stance dropped about three inches. It was soooo uncomfortable and it was so hard to control the bike. I ditched them almost immediately and replaced them with a new set of Woodcraft clip-ons with 3" risers. They looked great, and felt great.

Stock handlebars
Stock handlebars removed. This, was a nightmare. I had to tearapart the entire front end: 
headlights, gauge cluster, brake and clutch grips, and all control switches.

With the PSR clip-on bars. I also got rid of the stock turn signals
and replaced with some short stock ones. You can see them to
the left and right of the headlights

Two more images below showing the newer brake and clutch reservoirs and the new short stock turn signals. Further below are a few shots of the new carbon fiber "shorty" wheel hugger, aka fender.

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